About Us

"Foxy promotional merchandise solutions for canny buyers"

Promotional products are a simple but incredibly valuable and proven way to maximise the visibility of your company. Sourcing promotional merchandise on the other hand can be a rather uninspiring and drawn out process for businesses. Lack of communication, long lead times, inflexibility in prices and little to no creative involvement on the part of the supplier often leaves buyers cold. Sharp Ears' mission is to emphasise just how simple and economically viable the process can be without all the unnecessary hassle.

Promotional merchandise unless bespoke, is always produced within a similar set of parameters. The range of items supplied by Sharp Ears ( and our competitors ) can be incredibly diverse, but ultimately we all work within a similar range of items and personalisation (printing) techniques. Sharp Ears cannot promise to reinvent the wheel for you - unless you need a made to order promotional wheel of course.

What we can promise you is what sets us apart from our competitors: Faster quotations, superior lead times, unparalleled communication up to the day your items are delivered, and a genuine interest in your business and creative input into the products. In addition we are always confident we can provide the most cost effective prices in the industry.

3 step process.

- We assist you in choosing the products
- We send you a virtual artwork proof for approval
- We deliver your promotional items on your desired delivery date